Annilate Fear

Don’t let the devil steal your peace! This book is full of Scriptures to help you overcome fear and walk in faith. Also included are powerful, practical prayers focused on key areas where the enemy wants to release fear. You can choose love, choose faith, and annihilate fear!

Miracles for Veterans Book

Joan offers inspirational guidance to those ministering to veterans, healing prayers, insights on prevention, positioned-to-win Scriptures, and amazing testimonies. All veterans, first responders, and those who care for them will find reassurance that miracles can happen for them, too!

Miracles Happen! Book

Joan’s newst book, Miracles Happen!

Miracles Happen! explores the miracles of Jesus as told in the Bible and shares stories of God’s miracles today. Filled with inspiring Scripture, spiritual insight, and guided prayers, Miracles Happen! will immerse you in real-life accounts of miracles of healing, salvation, provision, protection, and more.

Miracles Happen! TV

The Power of Prophetic Vision

Discover how to:
• Speak resurrection life back into your dreams.
• Identify and remove blockages to your dream.
• Break agreement with lies that war against your destiny.
• Overcome failures, setbacks, and mistakes.
• Confidently stand in the calling of God for your life.
• Partner with the Holy Spirit to walk out the process step by step.

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