Rise and Rebuild: A Guide to Overcoming Adversity

  • Rise and Rebuild: A Guide to Overcoming Adversity
    • By Robert Stearns
    • In the midst of broken dreams and disappointments, each of us can find the God-given strength and courage to rise up once again and rebuild what was lost and destroyed. Like no other story, Nehemiah’s 900-mile journey back home to Jerusalem from a foreign land teaches us that hope is never lost. Through opposition and difficulty, Nehemiah became a Prisoner of Hope, a Rebuilder of a broken nation. Your Broken Places do not disqualify you from being used by God. Rather, they can become the very thing that qualifies you. Through this book, Robert Stearns will take you on a journey and teach you how to traverse through your own personal obstacles and overcome adversity, so that you can rise and rebuild your own life and your world around you.

Miracles for Veterans Bundle

Miracles Happen! Veterans Bundle. Includes Miracles for Veterans book, Miracles Happen Forest green Veteran Edition, and A special MP3 player with a powerful message just for veterans.

Supernatural Provision 2023

Get access to this years Supernatural Provision teaching series. Let’s watch together as God releases His hand over His beloved.


Whether you are a high school grad or retiree, you need money. Achieving your dreams and goals won’t happen without you knowing how to both manage your money and fuel its growth.

Money Wise will equip you with the knowledge and simple strategies you need to get where you want to go financially in life!

Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough

Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough is your guide for inspirational testimonies, scriptural promises, intimate prayers, and powerful declarations. This resource provides needed strength and faith in the truth of God’s holy Word for abundance in every area of your life.

The Power of Prophetic Vision

Discover how to:
• Speak resurrection life back into your dreams.
• Identify and remove blockages to your dream.
• Break agreement with lies that war against your destiny.
• Overcome failures, setbacks, and mistakes.
• Confidently stand in the calling of God for your life.
• Partner with the Holy Spirit to walk out the process step by step.

Miracles Happen! Book

Joan’s newst book, Miracles Happen!

Miracles Happen! explores the miracles of Jesus as told in the Bible and shares stories of God’s miracles today. Filled with inspiring Scripture, spiritual insight, and guided prayers, Miracles Happen! will immerse you in real-life accounts of miracles of healing, salvation, provision, protection, and more.

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Master’s Plan: Divine Design – By Bobby Conner

Think about it! You are Divinely unique; no other human on earth is like you! Amid the seven billion plus people alive on this planet, God has made only one, you. One of the criteria for placing value on an object is how rare it is? In eternity past, you were chosen by God to live in the present to forge the future.

Packed within these 237 pages, you will discover truths that will aid you in unlocking your Divine Destiny, discovering the reason you were given life!

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Encouraging testimonies and interviews with special guests as Joan Hunter travels the world. Your faith will be strengthened, your passion ignited and you’ll enjoy every moment of Miracles Happen!.

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